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St Anne's - Alderney

Scott designed a new church on Alderney in the Channel Islands, which was given by the Reverend John Le Mesurier, who came from Alderney and lived at Bradfield, Berkshire, where Scott also worked. Scott was commissioned to produce designs for the church at Alderney in about 1848.

It is a large cruciform church with a low central tower capped by pyramidical roof, short transepts and an apse at the east end. It was built of granite with Caen stone dressings. As there is no record of Scott having visited the island, he must have sent out the drawings and relied on the local craftsmen to produce a satisfactory result. He decided to use the ‘Square Abacus’ style, where a delicacy and refinement in craftsmanship was not required, but rather an expression of strength and solidity, with thick walls and small windows, and where coarseness of detail was not inappropriate. It was consecrated in 1850.

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