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Monument, York Minster - York

The only English cathedrals to escape Scott’s attention were York, Norwich, Wells, Bristol, Lincoln, Carlisle and St. Paul's and Llandaff in Wales. Most of these, he probably felt, were in safe hands, such as those of Prichard and Seddon at Llandaff, and he certainly would have not wanted to displace his friends Street at York and Bristol, and Ferrey at Wells. However, in York Minster in 1862 he designed a monument to William Dixon and William Mason, both Canons of York, and erected by Dixon’s widow, Mary Anne. It was made by Skidmore and is a Gothic metal tablet with a gable and alabaster statuettes.

York Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Clifton - York

In 1844, Scott and Moffatt designed and built the York Pauper Lunatic Asylum for the North and East Ridings, at Clifton, one mile north of the city centre. A large building, and with its three storied entrance crowned by an out-sized cupola, it closely resembled the Shropshire County Lunatic Asylum building at Shelton of 1843, but this time there is less ornament and it is built entirely of dark stone. Completed by 1847, it was demolished in the 1980s.


Christ Church fittings - Coatham

Scott designed the font, pulpit, sedilia, reredos and piscina at this church in 1865.


St Agatha's - Easby

In 1869, Scott restored this church at the expense of the Earl of Zetland and Leonard Jacques, esquire. This included a new Early English style chancel arch and restoring wall paintings. In 1875, the Association of Archaeological Societies Reports and Papers commented that it was ‘Excellently restored … by Sir G. Scott, whose name is a guarantee that no unnecessary alterations have been allowed’.

Association of Archaeological Societies Reports and Papers, 1875, XIII, pt 1, p. 67.

Duncombe Park - Helmsley

Scott appears to have restored a ceiling here in 1878 for the Earl of Feversham, with accounts rendered for £39 in February 1878. There was a fire subsequently in 1879.

Feversham Monument - Helmsley

This monument was designed by Scott in around 1869, with a Gothic canopy, as at the Albert Memorial, over a standing figure carved by Noble to commemorate the life of William, Second Baron Feversham (1798-1867), at a cost of £800.

All Saints - Kirby Hill

A restoration was carried out at this church by Scott in 1869-70. His work included building a new west tower, new north aisle and an organ case. One of his drawings shows the front side of the weathercock for the church.

Scott’s Drawings Collection (RIBA), p. 49 (b).

All Saints - Kirbymoorside

Scott restored this church in 1873-5 for the Rt. Hon. Earl of Feversham, restoring and rebuilding it, particularly the eastern part, at a cost of £4000. He rebuilt the chancel and provided a pulpit. He was paid fees of £100 in 1874, the final account of £298 rendered in April 1878.

St Mary's - Malton

Scott carried out a survey of the tower of this church for the Rev. E. A. B. Pitman, with a view to a possible restoration in 1877. His fees of £10 10s were paid in 1880.

St Michael's - Middleton Tyas

In 1867-9, Scott restored this church for L. L. Hartley, the lay rector. The cost was over £4000, from an estimate of £2300. There was much structural work including underpinning and straightening pillars, rebuilding and enlarging the chancel, extending it to its original length, as well as increasing the height of the chancel arch and placing a spire on the tower. A new nave roof was also constructed and a new vestry. It was also reseated with oak benches to accommodate about 250 people and other fittings were provided. Fragments of a Saxon cross were found during the work and were placed in the south aisle.

St John the Baptist's - Pockley

Scott was named as the architect on the plans of this englargement and restoration initially in 1875-6. Work included a new chancel, vestry and bell turret, new porch, new roof, new nave windows, reseating and repairs to walls. As the project continued until 1879 however, it seems to have been George Gilbert junior who carried out most of the work, with Temple Moore as assistant.


St Mary's - Richmond

A restoration was carried out at this church by Scott in 1859-60, when he restored the south aisle windows in Decorated style, as well as the south chapel windows and chancel details, including openings to the chapels. The reredos was later moved to St Mary’s Church, Brynmawr, Gwent.

Rievaulx Abbey - Rievaulx Abbey

Scott devised a scheme to rebuild Rievaulx Abbey for Lord Feversham, but the estimated cost was £30,000 and so was not acted upon.

St Mary's - Strensall

Scott appears to have acted as a consultant on this project. The church was rebuilt in 1865-6, at a cost of about £1,700, in the Early Decorated style, and comprises chancel, nave, south porch, and tower surmounted by a spire, containing three bells and a clock. The initial plan by J . B. and W. Atkinson of York was rejected, so Scott may have stepped in to help with the design. He had already worked with the Atkinsons on St John the Evangelist’s church in Whitby, a project started with Moffatt in 1840 to build a new church.

St John the Evangelist's - Whitby

This was a project started in 1840 to build a new church with Moffatt and J . B. and W. Atkinson, architects, of York. Moffatt took control of the project after his partnership with Scott dissolved, working with the Atkinsons to complete the church by 1850.


Seamen's Hospital facade - Whitby

A charity founded in 1675 to provide for retired merchant seamen, Scott and Moffatt provided a new symmetrical red brick façade in seventeenth century Jacobean style in 1842-3.

All Saints - Hunmanby

Between 1843 and 1844, Scott restored the church including removing the galleries and carried out general repairs.


All Saints - Long Marston

Scott carried out a restoration and enlargement of the church in 1869-70, including a new north transept, new roof, reseating and new fittings with a window by Hardman. The cost was said to have been £1500.