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Waterford Fountain - Ford

In 1864, Scott designed a similar monument to the Crimean War Memorial, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, which had been erected six years earlier. This was in the village of Ford for the Marchioness of Waterford as a memorial to her husband who was killed in a hunting accident in 1859. It is surmounted by an angel by Philip and incorporates a now defunct fountain at the base. The column was renewed following storm damage in 1868.

Newcastle Cathedral, formerly St Nicholas's Church - Newcastle upon Tyne

Scott restored the church between 1873-7, for Charles H. Young, before it became a cathedral in 1882. His drawings (Scott's Drawing Collection, RIBA, p. 62) show his plans for the rebuilding of the tower and spire, drawn in 1867-70, the south transept and window, 1871, and reseating and refitting, 1873-7. His fees of £1138, for his work, were paid in 1879.