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Dunblane Cathedral - Dunblane

Scott completed a restoration of this cathedral in 1872-3, in consultation with Robert Matheson, H. M. Inspector of Works. He advised on the lowering the chancel floor level and the windows over the chancel arch were restored. In 1873 he was succeeded by R. R. Anderson.

Trinity College - Glenalmond

This was built by Scott in 1847, in conjunction with John Henderson of Edinburgh, as the theological college for the Scottish Episcopal Church. It was constructed in a fifteenth century domestic Gothic style with a 190 square foot quadrangle, at a total cost of £20,000.

Trinity College Chapel - Glenalmond

In 1851, Scott built a chapel for the college, the tower and spire costing £8000 and paid for by Charles Wordsworth, the first warden, later the Bishop of St. Andrews.

Henderson's Hall - Glenalmond

In 1861, Scott also redesigned Henderson’s Hall for the college.